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The Most Award Winning Hairdresser in Thornhill

When it comes to award winning hairdressers in Thornhill, look no further than Rocco Campanaro of Axcess Salon! Axcess Salon has one of the best hairdressers in the world in Rocco Campanaro. Rocco has been a hairdresser & stylist for over 40 years. He has worked all over the world, from Canada to the US to Europe. Rocco has attended some of the biggest hairdressing competitions in the world. Over that course of his career, he has amassed over 65 international awards!

Good Hair Salon in Thornhill

Being in Thornhill, sometimes it is hard to find a good hair salon in Thornhill that can take care of one’s hair care needs adequately fulfilling all the qualities one would desire in a top-class hair salon.

New Hair Salon in Thornhill!

There has been an exciting new addition to Yonge St, Thornhill. Axcess Salon & Spa has opened up the doors of its hair salon in Thornhill! Come by the store and experience the finest hair styling that is there to be offered in York Region and Thornhill.

Struggling to Tame Frizzy Hair? Our Leading Hairdressers in Thornhill Provides Some Tips

For those with naturally curly hair "frizz" can be a problem that they face on a daily basis. If that situation sounds familiar and you're losing your battle with frizz, our hair salon has got a few solutions to help you wrestle back control of your hair so that you can style it the way that you want.

Hair Extension advice & info from our experts serving Thornhill, Vaughan & Richmond Hill

Long hair is extremely desirable and many women that don't have it, want to have it. The main issue here is the time it takes to grow. For most people, it can take as long as several years for them to achieve hair of a considerable length, depending upon how long it is to start with, which is an awful long time to wait to change your image to how you ideally want it to be.

Our Hair Salon in Thornhill presents Top Tips for Healthy Hair

Our hair is essential to our appearance. It can either make or break your image and the impact of any changes you make can be instantaneous. For that reason it's absolutely vital that you keep your hair in healthy condition, which might sound easy but you would be amazed at just how many people from Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Vaughan don't look after their hair properly. To help you avoid making the same mistake, we're going to point out a few of our hair salon's top tips for healthy hair.